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Posted Mar 13, 2020
Project ID: 2550566
40 hrs/week
10 months
Starts: Mar 1, 2020
Ends: Dec 31, 2020
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Project Description:             

  • Project delivery for TMS EU Supplement (TMS = Transportation Management System):

TMS Implementation in Birmingham, Winsford, Ressons and Nördlingen. Consolidation logic for Intercompany freights. Process definition and implementation for Air freights, Round trips and Spot buy. Development and implementation of a light seafreight template using SAP functionality only.

  • Process definition of seafreight process in OTM and implementation for NA.

Development and implementation of a full seafreight template using SAP and OTM functionality.

Task Description:

Independent implementation and roll-out of Oracle Transport Management (OTM) System:

•      Professional consulting and coordination of:

•      Status updates

•      Follow up on open topics list

•      Definition and Implementation of a template for

•      transport types: sea and air

•      round trips

•      spot buy

•      Roll out of template functionality (including road FTL and LTL) for a defined list of shipping points within Europe.

•      Sea freight Template for Laundry and Beauty in NA.


The project has the following phases / milestones resulting in tasks and deliverables (done independently) for LE processes:

Analyse and Design as TMS consultant

  • Analyze business processes                         

  • Business Process Design

  • Design process solution with reference to LE processes                            

  • Identify application requirements                 

  • Requirement List (CR`s, FD´s)
    (create CR´s and FD´s)



  • Customizing and Development                      

  • Customizing Document

  • Create variants for all relevant programs      

  • List of used interfaces/programs with variants

  • Consult implementation of 3rd parties           

  • TDs


Integration test:

  • Plan, create, check interfaces                        

  • Interface Overview

  • Prepare and manage master data                  

  • Master data list

  • Prepare and execute integration test            

  • Test case Database


User acceptance test:

  • Consult definition of test scenarios              

  • Test case Database

  • Consult user acceptance test                        

  • Follow-up and closure of Test cases & Problem reports

Deploy and Cut over

  • Prepare detailed cut-over plan                        

  • Cut-Over Plan

  • Set-up deployment environment                   

  • Master Data Migration

  • Prepare and manage master data /               

  • Checked Cut-Over activity list

  • Cut-Over activities                                         



  • Sign-off / Acceptance of cut-over plan          

  • Sign-Off Document for Go-live

  • Manage and consult first postings                

  • Analyze and monitor Go-live evaluation


Post Go-live / Hypercare:

  • Manage consult activities                              

  • Go-live Open Issue List

  • Coordinate Bug fixing                                   

  • Additional CR and solution follow-up

  • Consult of local change mgmt. (key user)

  • Adjustments of scope (need to be defined)   


Knowledge Transfer and Handover to Maintenance:

  • Create handover documents                         

  • KT Document

  • Update of process and system documentation

  • Explain new/changed processes


The service provision has the goal to facilitate the above-mentioned projects and realize the benefits of the invest orders. The benefits are described in a well-defined financial business case.

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