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Senior Product Taxonomist

Posted Feb 24, 2023
Project ID: 2827255
Remote , Remote
8 months
(Mar 6, 2023 - Nov 5, 2023)
28 hrs/week
Payrate range
Application Deadline: Mar 1, 2023 12:00 PM

task description

The Adhesives Division has launched an end-to-end Digital and CX Transformation program with the ambition to transform Adhesives towards a customer-centric and data-driven organization. As part of this, we are planning to improve and align the taxonomy for PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management), future system for TDS (Technical Data Sheets) and technical data creation and maintenance, to offer a consistent user experience, navigation and findability on our customer-facing channels, i.e. B2B Adhesives website and eShop for the industrial business. We expect select senior taxonomist to collaborate on the new Digital Engagement & Conversion Platform from a taxonomy perspective, focusing initially on product applications, industries and product categories. We have launched the new website in the US as a pilot for one SBU and will extend it to all other industrial SBUs covering both SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) and LA accounts customers. We expect taxonomy to positively impact how the new website is structured and performs.

One sprint consists of 2 weeks and there is a daily jour fixe. The external contractor takes over the role as Senior Taxonomist and the team iteratively discusses the current requirements, status and next steps during these sprint meetings and the contractor independently performs the following tasks split in 2 phases:

Phase 1: product applications and industries

Phase 2: product categories

1.   Discover and plan – conduct in-depth discovery and review of the customer experience and taxonomy on customer facing channels as well in the internal backbone systems for (e.g., PIM [B2B website, eShop, DAM], SAP ERP, [global product master data service system], TDS [document search]). Research Henkel Adhesives customer needs and define taxonomy requirements to build a truly customer-centric user experience. Conduct a competitive reference assessment. Understand Henkel current taxonomy tools and provide recommendations whether a different tool is needed. Collaborate with Henkel DX to clearly define full implementation plan and/or, if needed, migration plan from existing to new system with milestones and deliverables. Outline also any Change Management efforts.

2.   Design – Design phase should address the areas described below. The project could also be phased according to them.

a. Phase 1: Merchandising attributes – focus on product applications and industries: design and deliver attribute schemas that will drive best-in-class search, faceted search, product selection and recommender, and product detail experience moving from an inside-out to an outside-in perspective. Conduct internal review of the design and user test it for validation*. Define deployment plan and update terms dictionary and style guides. This area is therefore a top priority.

b. Phase 2 - Shoppable categories – focus on product categories: design and deliver multiple taxonomies to organize Henkel Adhesive products according to customer needs. It is also important to understand to which extent current Henkel’s SAP ERP taxonomy can be transferred from inside-out to outside-in view, especially for the user facing channels. We expect shoppable categories’ taxonomy redesign to affect the strategy and top navigation of the new B2B Digital Engagement & Conversion platform that we’re working on. Conduct internal review of the design and user test it for validation*. Define deployment plan and update terms dictionary and style guides. This area is therefore a top priority.

c. AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) Content and DAM (Digital Asset Manager): design and deliver content and digital asset taxonomy and tagging in parallel to designing taxonomy for Phase 1 and Phase 2 to allow for findability of desired content on our digital channels for Henkel Adhesives customers as well on our Henkel systems for internal marketing, sales and editing teams. We expect to have both automated metadata (automatically assigned e.g. by application) and business defined and managed ones, differentiating between simple asset types and complex asset types (e.g. video). Conduct internal review of the design and user test it for validation*. Define deployment plan and update terms dictionary and style guides. This area is therefore a top priority.

We expect captured product relationships to provide automated suggestions for applications and solutions that can become additional metadata for products and content. When instantiated in a product information management (PIM) system, content management system or ecommerce application, we expect this information to provide additional ways for customers to research and shop for products.

* The new Digital Engagement and Conversion Platform must be prioritized as attesting and deployment environment.

3. Governance and training in course of Phase 1 and 2 roll outs: taxonomies will gradually change over time if they are to remain relevant. We therefore expect our taxonomist to define and roll out a governance plan with maintenance processes, including roles and tasks, for digital products and content taxonomies.

The service provision of the Sr Taxonomist has the goal to improve content search and findability, improve organic traffic, optimize product catalog, improve website UX, implement governance and provide better performing campaigns.

Goal is also to position Henkel Adhesive Technologies as total solution provider. Regardless of the reason why customers are approaching us, we want to be able to provide them with a total solution to address their challenge and need, reconciling the product with its application and vice versa, as well as with the associated equipment and dispense system as needed. Examples:

1) If customers are looking for a material, we inform additionally about the machine and the process for a certain application

2) Or If they search the machine, we offer for an application both the material and the process

3) Or finally if they choose the application, we offer the material, machine and process

Key skills

⦁ 7 years+ experience with product taxonomy

⦁ Project management and interface with multiple teams (CX, Dx, SBUs, AMM, etc) to define product taxonomies;

⦁ Expertise in B2B adhesives/chemical industries, products, applications and SME and LA customer types;

⦁ Experience using Product Information Management (PIM) Systems;

⦁ Ability and/or experience to read, analyse and interpret scientific and technical journals, financial reports and legal documents

⦁ English native speaker.

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