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Henkel freelancer portal, profile & freelancer pools

What kind of assignments will be available via the Henkel freelancer portal?

How will I be informed about new projects?

Why should I complete my profile?

How can I edit my profile?

Why should I sign up for the freelancer pools?

Can I sign up for more than one freelancer pool?

I received a new project alert but can no longer find the opportunity on the platform?

How can I delete my profile?

Application and contracting process

How do I make my application successful?

I cannot apply: Why do I have to complete my profile before applying?

Who will review my application?

How will I be informed about (the status of) my application?

Whom can I contact if I have questions?

What do I need to do when a supplier contacts me for a project request at Henkel?

Can I make a separate agreement on travel costs or does this need to be included in my hourly rate?

Will the offered rate be the final rate?

How fast will I be informed about my application?

Can I withdraw an application?

Can I request a higher rate than the rate mentioned in the project posting?

How will contracting be arranged?

How will I get paid?


Can I contact the Henkel freelancer portal support team directly?

How should I contact you in case of technical issues?