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Posted Aug 2, 2023
Project ID: 2834872
40 hrs/week
1 year
Starts: Aug 28, 2023
Ends: Aug 27, 2024
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Leistungsbeschreibung / Task Description

Henkel will provide access to all necessary documents and information in advance. All documentation provided by the external contractor is subject to approval by Henkel.

The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor:

Analyze and Design

o   Analyze business processes as it is currently set up in SAP Horizon and document in PowerPoint and word documents

o   Designing a Business Process: Agnostic Process definition of sea freight process in Adhesives by reviewing and documenting business requirements from different regions

o   Designing process solution with reference to logistics processes

o   Identifying application requirements (create Change Requests and Functional Designs)

o   Creating Requirement List (Change Requests, Functional Designs)


o   Customizing and Development the processes specified as part of Analysis and Design

o   Document Customizing of the processes specified as part of Analysis and Design

o   Creating variants for all relevant programs  

o   Creating a List of used interfaces/programs with variants   

o   Technical Designs of solutions that cover the processes specified as part of Analysis and Design

Integration test:

o   Plan, create, check interfaces                    

o   Creating an Interface Overview

o   Preparing and managing master data                    

o   Master data list

o   Preparing and executing integration test               

o   Testing case Database


User acceptance test:

o   Consult definition of test scenarios             

o   Test case Database

o   Consult user acceptance test                     

o   Follow-up and closure of Test cases & Problem reports


Deploy and Cut over:

o   Prepare detailed cut-over plan                            

o   Cut-Over Plan

o   Set-up deployment environment                

o   Master Data Migration

o   Prepare and manage master data /Cut-Over activities                  

o   Checked Cut-Over activity list



o   Sign-off / Acceptance of cut-over plan        

o   Sign-Off Document for Go-live

o   Manage and consult first postings              

o   Analyze and monitor Go-live evaluation


Post Go-live / Hypercare:

o   Manage consult activities                          

o   Go-live Open Issue List

o   Coordinate Bug fixing                              

o   Additional CR and solution follow-up

o   Consult of local change mgmt. (key user)

o   Adjustments of scope (need to be defined) 


Knowledge Transfer and Handover to Maintenance:

o   Create handover documents                     

o   KT Document

o   Update of process and system documentation

o   Explain new/changed processes


The service provision of the contractor has the goal to facilitate the above-mentioned projects and realize the benefits of the invest orders. The benefits are described in a well-defined financial business case.

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