Data Scientist - Bayesian Optimization

Posted Oct 4, 2021
Project ID: 2735158
40 hrs/week
4 months
Starts: Oct 11, 2021
Ends: Feb 10, 2022
Payrate range

*Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA but with an external party”.


Task Description

The services shall be provided within the framework of an agile development method. The concrete activities required in each case to implement the services commissioned shall be agreed iteratively between the parties within the framework of sprint meetings and implemented by the Contractor within the respective sprints following the sprint meetings. Prior to each sprint meeting, the contractor shall independently check, on the basis of its professional expertise, which individual services are reasonable and feasible within the scope of the assignment in the respective sprint. The sprints each have a duration of 2 weeks, so that the sprint meetings take place at intervals of 2 weeks. Within the individual sprints, the contracting parties shall coordinate the respective technical requirements for the services to be provided in daily meetings in order to achieve the compatibility of the individual components Unravel. The technical requirements for the services to be provided are assessed by the Contractor on the basis of its own technical assessment. After completion of a Sprint, the parties shall conduct a "Sprint Review'' in which the contractor reports on the feasibility and status of the services performed by it in the previous sprint and makes a recommendation on how to proceed with regard to the services that proved to be unfeasible in the respective sprint. All of the meetings and exchanges described above shall take place exclusively in the presence of a central contact person named by us, who shall coordinate the project on our internal side. The organisation and scheduling of the meetings described above in which the contractor is involved shall be organised and carried out by the contractor and coordinated with us. 


Backlog items will be assigned in Azure DevOps containing business requirements and acceptance criterias, where the contractor gets access to.


  • Gathering business requirements for data science products in 2 onsite and 3 remote workshops according to the assigned backlog items, that will be organized by the contractor. Therefore, the contractor receives every relevant information in advance.
  • Design data science products or components according to the aforementioned business requirements
  • Implement or improve scalable and robust data science products according to the assigned backlog items using state-of-the-art engineering practices by
    • Development of data science product features according to product backlog
    • Design of data models according to product backlog
    • Design and implementation of user interface components according to product backlog
    • Testing of data science product features according to product backlog, in case of identified bugs or issues the task is to rework it from step 1
    • Release of data science product features according to product backlog
  • Script based implementation of data engineering tasks and data science model according to in Azure WIKI available coding and configuration standards and guidelines.
  • Documentation of technical implementation and related process documentation in Azure WIKI, that will be validated and approved by Henkel


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