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Posted Mar 13, 2020
Project ID: 2537280
40 hrs/week
7 months
Starts: Dec 3, 2019
Ends: Jul 2, 2020
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Project name


Automatic Credit Note Approval flow on FSCM deduction & dispute tool


Project description

The service is requested as part of the project above. The purpose of the project is to automate the approval process when Credit Note needs to be issued for a dispute case. Currently the entire process is completely operated manually.


Task description

The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor:


•      Management of the project (time, budget, scope)

·         Continuous project controlling

·         Taking measures for escalations with project discrepancies

·         Sharing status updates in project-related milestone meetings

·         Professional utilization of the delivery team in the sense of sufficient assignments

·         Demanding delivery dates from the customer

·         Economic management of the project team

·         Representation of the customer perspective within the project team

•      Consultation and management of the customer for this project

·         Development of a joint project vision with the customer

·         Creation of sustainable concepts and solution approaches

·         Composition of offers and change requests in terms of project requirements

·         Professional consultation of Henkel Project team in terms of coordination of time, budget & scope

•      Organization of the project framework

·         Prioritization and maintenance of the project-related backlog

·         Creation of user stories through User Acceptance Tests and Use Cases

·         Prioritization of project deadlines

·         Representation of the customer perspective within the delivery team

·         Formulation of project-related requirements

·         Conveying the requirements to the delivery team

·         Validation of the implementation regarding functionality, usability, performance


The performance of the contractor has the goal to implement the approval workflows generated out of SAP Deduction & Dispute solution so that they reach the appropriate approvers. Once approved the approval should also be converted in a pdf file and get attached to the dispute case in SAP. The challenge is that most of the approvers do not have access to SAP Horizon systems and as they are primarily from sales organization they mostly do not work in their desktops. Hence the solution needs to be compatible with the mobile devices. 


The external party will be completely responsible to implement the approval workflow in SAP Cloud Platform and facilitating integration for to & from communication with SAP Horizon systems. This includes file transfer in various formats in both directions.

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