Software Engineer - SalonLab

Posted Feb 9, 2022
Project ID: 2744193
Düsseldorf, Remote
40 hrs/week
4 months
Starts: Feb 21, 2022
Ends: Jun 20, 2022
Payrate range
Application Deadline: Feb 15, 2022 1:00 PM

project name



project description

SalonLab is an IoT device with a companion app that allows Schwarzkopf Professional hairdressers to scan inside the hair structure and provide a personalized experience. The goal of SalonLab is to assess the hair damage and color of the salon clients to recommend the right product.


background to the assignment

SalonLab is a hardware-enabled project where we have a tailored-made hand-held device to read details from the hair. All readings from the device will be landed on our back-end infrastructure based on a microservice architecture, where Go lang is the primary language.


task description

The service of the contractor is delivered using an agile working method. External resources are needed as there is no internal staff with the required expertise in the following area:

  • Go lang


Therefore, the external consultant is in a unique position and performs significantly different tasks than the internal employees.

One sprint consists of two weeks and there is a daily stand up plus a bi-weekly sprint planning where all details will be defined per sprint and all task-related delivery will be specified in the acceptance criteria of each ticket. During the sprint meetings, the team discusses the current requirements and the contractor independently performs the following tasks:

  • Developing new features or refining existing features as raised on the agile board. The contractor independently decides on the necessary requirements.
  • Defining operation-related tasks on the project’s agile board if they need to which the contractor will get access to in advance. The contractor should include all tasks that are related to stabilization and bug fixing of SalonLab.
  • Independently fix the bugs posted to the board and update the agile board. Documentation is out of scope.
  • Developing the tickets based on the given details of the user stories and deploying them to the infrastructure. The project infrastructure sits on Azure Portal, where all the back-end services resources can be found and to which the contractor will get access to in advance.

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