Rules of Participation

  1. The Freelancer has a number of Chamber of Commerce in Germany; or local copy Chamber of Commerce when not working in Germany.
  2. An engagement is not possible, if the Freelancer has worked for 24 months or more at Henkel before and that engagement ended within the last 3 months.
  3. Henkel´s MSP (Randstad Sourceright) coordinates -among other things- the process of contracting Freelancers for Henkel by making use of the appointed broker GULP.
  4. Contracting will be done by the Henkel appointed broker GULP Consulting Services GmbH (‘GULP’) under the condition that the control measures that are implemented by Gulp and Henkel, are met; Control measures include that the Freelancer has not been employed by Henkel before starting the self-employment or, the described task of the published vacancy is not equal to the one he was supposed to do as Henkel employee.
  5. Invoicing will take place by self-billing on the basis of hours actually worked, correctly recorded either by the Freelancer or Henkel and approved by Henkel. The timesheets must comply with the rules stipulated by GULP. The Freelancer is responsible for the correct and timely provision of the information required for self-billing to GULP.
  6. With reference to rule 5, payment target will be 80 days after providing the required information for self-billing to GULP.
  7. With reference to rule 5, the Freelance rate has to include all expenses for commuting to the regular workplace at the Henkel site.
  8. Expenses may only be claimed if they have specifically been agreed in advance by Henkel and travel expenses policy has been considered. All expenses need to have supporting documentation attached to the claim (e.g. copies of receipts).