Software Engineer

Posted Apr 3, 2020
Project ID: 2574388
6 hrs/week
2 months
Starts: Apr 13, 2020
Ends: Jun 12, 2020
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Project description

The service is requested as part of the project Customer 360 Pilot and the purpose is as follows:

Using advanced data analytical methods, deep diving into Adhesive sales projects to dig out and build customer turnover logic, product recommendation system, business optimized win/loss forecast model, optimized customer turnover prediction model and advanced authorization concept for the dashboard and guide sales team for more effective project management, in order to drive customer & sales momentum. After that, creating a reporting web & mobile application which is embedded to SAP/ACE system.

Task Description

The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor:

Building a recommender system using a Machine Learning algorithm of their choice in industry to provide a Power BI dashboard which is embedded to Henkel’s SAP system for sales representatives in order to recommend a product for sales;

Using Python (PySpark) to connect financial data which is provided by the Henkel Data Foundation (HDF) to the Machine Learning algorithm;

In case further data is needed for the large-scale machine-learning models (recommender system model), establishing a data pipeline which can be connected to HDF and Dremio.

The service provision of the contractor has the goal to establish a recommender system usable for sales representatives that can be connected to Henkel data sources through pipelines.

Timelines / Timelines

This project has an estimated Go Live in June – tasks should be finalised until the end of May.

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