Senior System Connectivity Consultant

Posted Dec 6, 2022
Project ID: 2821265
20 hrs/week
4 months
Starts: Jan 9, 2023
Ends: May 8, 2023
Payrate range

Project name

PROS – SAP CPI & ACE Optimization

Background to the assignment

Background of the engagement of an external contractor is that he/she has appropriate and required skills and capabilities that are not available internally. In addition, the external contractor will provide services that are clearly distinguishable from the services internal

Both the SAP Integration Suite (SAP Cloud Integration, formerly CPI) and SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)

Technical expertise as a developer in C4C

Therefore, the external contractor is in a unique position and performs significantly different tasks than the internal employees.

Task description

  • One sprint consists of 2 weeks and there is a weekly jour fixe. The external contractor takes over the role as developer and the team iteratively discusses the current requirements during these sprint meetings and the contractor independently performs the following tasks:

  • Technical consultation for interface troubleshooting, the creation of improvement opportunities and its implementation in SAP CPI and find bugs/enhancement requests available in project management tool (Henkel’s Change Request (CR) tool, project’s digital board)

  • Available means of integration include SOAP, OData, REST API architectures, event-based integration

  • Create and editing of technical designs for each interface based on API, integration and other Henkel architecture & process principles delivered by Henkel as result of previous technical consultation & solution design

  • Participation in 10 - 15 workshops and project meetings with business and relevant Henkel IT stakeholders organized by the project management team to collect and refine business requirements, discuss solution design with relevant project stakeholders before implementation

  • Technical consultation for troubleshooting within SAP C4C, the creation of improvement opportunities and coordination of its implementation with other externals working for Henkel in the area of SAP C4C

  • Testing of implemented improvements including:

  • Triggering and tracking progress of user acceptance testing, including organizing users, communicating via email/chat and following up on the execution bug fixes resulting of such tests for interfaces documentation of successful closure of test cases; the documentation will be validated and approved by Henkel.

  • Providing one to two knowledge transfers sessions virtually to train the maintenance operations team after key milestones and at project’s end and the delivery of documentation in a standard format provided by Henkel

  • The performance of the contractor has the goal to independently implement interface / integration solutions from end to end which will be documented in CRs, as user stories or other agile work items on the project management tool of choice corresponding to the assigned project.

  • Timelines / milestones

The following timelines are to be adhered to by the contractor during the performance of the service: sprint milestones as scheduled by the project coordinated by the SCRUM Master and aligned with product owner(s) and final delivery dates as documented in the project management tool of choice by Henkel.

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