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Posted Sep 7, 2021
Project ID: 2734136
30 hrs/week
5 months
Starts: Oct 18, 2021
Ends: Apr 3, 2022
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*Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA but with an external party”.


Projektname /project name


Product Data Syndication with Productsup and SAP Hybris


Projektbeschreibung /project description

PIM (Product Information Management) based on SAP Hybris (version 2011) is our central platform to manage and publish all marketing and sales relevant product data across channels for internal and external usage. PIM is used by all business units (A - Adhesive, B - Beauty Care, L - Laundry & Homecare).


For the automated transfer of product data to external partners/retailers, we will setup and rollout the Product Data Syndication Tool Productsup (https://www.productsup.com/solutions/product-content-syndication). The main tasks will be to establish this tool as part of our PIM eco-system and to build the integrations to several external partners/retailers on a global level.


Background to the assignment

As part of the project Product Data Syndication with Productsup and SAP Hybris, we will setup and rollout the Product Data Syndication Tool Productsup. This requires deep knowledge of how product data is exchanged on a technical level between manufactures producing the product and retailers globally selling the products. As we are using Productsup for this, it’s a prerequisite to know this product very well and be able to do all the related configurations and setup in the system. This is a very specific skill set. Consequently, we do not have our own employees with sufficient expertise in connection with the program Productsup and for this reason we require external expertise. The contractor used by us has extensive experience with projects that require services in the aforementioned application, therefore the contractor has a unique position and provides significantly different services than the internal staff.


Leistungsbeschreibung / task description 

Each retailer / distributor integration is a reiterating process following a sequence of certain steps like gathering the requirements, analysis, mapping and interface setup, testing, go-live. The contractor will be responsible for the coordination and execution of this process and independently check, on the basis of its professional expertise, how to achieve and drive this in the best way. Multiple retailer integrations must be managed in parallel. Each of them can be seen as small individual integration projects, which are part of the overall Productsup project. The organisation and scheduling of the status or project meetings in which the contractor is involved will be organised and carried out by the contractor and coordinated with the Henkel PIM team.


The contractor independently performs the following tasks:

  • Gathering business requirements in a virtual workshop where the brand manager and the project members from Product Data Syndication will participate. All relevant contact information will be provided in advance to the contractor who will organize this workshop.
  • Setup automated data transfer between PIM (for B&L) / Adhesive eShop (for A) and the syndication tool Productsup together with the vendor Productsup and implementation partner Valtech according to Henkel’s requirements, that will be provided through documents stored on MS SharePoint or as user stories in JIRA where the contractor gets access to.
  • Setup and maintain attribute mappings in the syndication tool for the different retailers (“channels” are interfaces connecting the syndication tool to the retailer).
  • Development of an application maintenance concept for the syndication tool and related processes.
  • Coordinate implementation of new channels with the syndication tool vendor Productsup.
  • Check data quality / completeness within the tool and send information about necessary changes to Henkel PIM team stakeholders, relevant contact details will be provided in advance.
  • User and application maintenance 3rd level support, inquiries will be stored in an Excel sheet on SharePoint or in ServiceNow (Snow, ticketing tool) where the contractor gets access to.
  • Documentation of the technical integration will be validated and approved by Henklel.
  • End user trainings (virtual for each retailor /distributor) for the respective Key Account Manager/ Brand Manager, incl. creating training material that will be validated and approved by Henkel. The trainings will be organized by the contractor. All relevant contact information will be provided upfront.
  • In case of missing information in an attribute in Productsup: Check content and completeness of product data in PIM (source system), based on retailer specific completeness/data quality checks in Productsup (see above). In case of issues/findings inform Henkel PIM team stakeholders.
  • In case of changes of the interface between PIM and Productsup: Testing PIM changes related to the import of product data from PIM to Productsup, if necessary, perform changes to the affected data sources and mappings in Productsup.


The service of the contractor has the goal to introduce and establish the product content syndication tool Productsup as part of the overall PIM strategy. 


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