Processes Consultant (Non-ERP)

Posted Nov 29, 2022
Project ID: 2822065
40 hrs/week
6 months
Starts: Jan 2, 2023
Ends: Jul 1, 2023
Payrate range

Project description

The service is requested as part of the project Program Now. The project has the purpose to shape digital transformation of Adhesives with focus on Marketing in depth but as well with customer journeys touching Sales and Customer Service. Five business models/ecosystems have been identified as digital business opportunities, SME ecosystem focus is to engage directly with customers in emerging markets, with specific goals to build 1-to-1 engagement & relationships with end customers and orchestrate demand & convert (SMB) leads at scale, by redefining the distributor partnership model, starting MVP in US with ACM.

The service of the external contractor is delivered within the framework of an agile working method.

Task description

The service provision will be coordinated iteratively between the parties within the framework of sprint meetings and implemented independently by the contractor within the upcoming sprints. The Contractor will check before each sprint meeting, based on their professional opinions and skills, which individual services they consider appropriate and feasible within the scope of its commissioning in the respective sprint.

One sprint consists of 2 weeks and there is a weekly jour fixe. The external contractor takes over the role as Agile coach & scrum master and the team iteratively discusses the current requirements during these sprint meetings.

The contractor independently performs the following tasks:

  • Define/shape way of working for Program Now together with PMO

  • Lead scrum master group as leader, manage other 2-3 scrum masters in the group

  • Allocate work to scrum masters in the group

  • Guide scrum masters on defined way of working

  • Present defined way of working to project now team product owners

  • Regular exchange with product owners to manage their expectation

  • Define/adapt meeting ceremony team by team

  • Daily stand up meeting

  • Specification meeting

  • Refinement meeting

  • Sprint planning meeting

  • Scrum of scrum

  • Sprint review

  • Retrospective

  • Monitor features/user stories quality in Azure DevOps

  • Check features/user stories if they are described per guidance

  • Check feature dependency between project & product

  • Check feature dependency between teams

  • Check feature status based on defined quality gate

  • Check feature target dates

Key Skills

  • 10+ years experience as agile coach and scrum master

  • Experience to drive way of working in 20 M Euro+ projects as agile coach & scrum master

  • B2B digital marketing project experience

  • Working experience as IT or business on top of scrum master in digital marketing project

  • Solid knowledge in Azure devops and on agile ways of working including KANBAN

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