Global Job Architecture

Posted Oct 16, 2020
Project ID: 2626923
40 hrs/week
2 months
Starts: Oct 20, 2020
Ends: Dec 19, 2020
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*Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA but with an external party”.

Project Name

Global Job Architecture


Project description


The service is requested as part of the project “Global Job Architecture”. The project has the purpose of implementation of 500 new core profiles in the SAP HR system and then map them to Henkel positions. Core Profiles refer to the job position profiles, and they explain the nature, requirements, and specifications of each job position at Henkel.

Concretely, detailed task description without personal reference, which reveals the independency of the service provision

The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor:

  • Implementation of all 500 Core Profiles (Generic descriptions) in the Henkel SAP HR system
  • Map these 500 Core Profiles to all Henkel job positions in a designed excel file and then upload the file into the Henkel SAP HR system
  • Adjustment of all the Core Profiles Short Codes in Henkel SAP HR system based on the abbreviation convention defined by Henkel HR
  • Create 500 PDF documents (for 500 Core Profiles) using the available tool in Henkel SAP HR system and store them on the SharePoint
  • Flag the Blue/White collar for 500 Core profiles in the Henkel SAP HR system. The terms White collar and Blue collar refer to different standard employment categories
  • Adjustment of job evaluation master file with the Core Profile content
  • Creation of communication slides based on provided information from Henkel HR in advance; the slides will be validated and approved by Henkel.

Possible timelines to be kept

The tasks mentioned in session 3 need to be covered by mid December 2020 (end date)

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