Consultant ERP

Posted Oct 12, 2020
Project ID: 2627087
40 hrs/week
10 months
Starts: Oct 15, 2020
Ends: Aug 14, 2021
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*Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA but with an external party”.

Project Description: 

ONE!GSC Horizon is a comprehensive business transformation program facilitating the implementation of a globally aligned and harmonized Supply Chain including Purchasing. For the first time in Henkel, there will be end-to-end, standardized supply chain processes. Being part of the Henkel Strategy, this program is a key initiative for the scalable business model. The ONE!GSC Horizon organization with lean and simplified operations aims to enhance Henkel’s competitiveness by leveraging on Henkel’s combined potential, boosting process efficiency. 

Task description:

The Master Plan application utilizes different software solutions extended by tailor-made VBA programming and working closely together in an interlinked way. Enabling a state-of-the-art regular reporting of project-related milestones, tasks as well as KPIs means that 

  • all relevant incoming information from different sources need to be processed in a consistent way in every software solution
  • necessary troubleshooting has to be performed in case of defects
  • project KPIs need to be checked and challenged
  • the masterplan application has to be continuously further developed.

The outcome will be automatically visualized in the respective dashboard accessible for the whole project community to ensure an efficient and effective project steering.

This means in detail:

  • Steer that all Master Plan relevant reports are collected on time and load the reports into the Master Plan tool
  • Evaluate and resolve any inconsistencies / conflicts in the tool in case of wrong input delivery
  • Update the overall integrated plan based on provided information as described above
  • Export the weekly Master Plan reports for all projects and provide the reporting template to all projects
  • Steer that all identified streams and projects are working to the defined process and standard for resource management (information provided in advance by Henkel)
  • Coordinate that the Dashboard shows all relevant tiles depending on the project progress
  • Coordinate that relevant KPIs are regularly updated 
  • Carefully review the updated KPIs in terms of correctness and consistency
  • Oversee that all defined updates and reports are performed to the set frequency  (information provided in advance by Henkel)
  • Engage and coach individual project managers and workstream leads to work with the Master Plan / KPIs:
  • Coordinate adoption of the plan
  • Facilitate ongoing adherence to the planning and reporting processes
  • Coordinate that KPIs are understood and delivered in the defined way
  • Manage any conflicts, overload and supply issues that are identified and highlighted for appropriate remedial action
  • Steer quality of all programs and fix any bugs in the programmed interfaces of all tools used
  • Enhance the Master Plan Platform:
  • Implement new functionalities (information provided in advance by Henkel) into the Master Plan by programming new modules for new sub phases and new projects
  • Program and modify all interfaces between the back-end module and the reports generated based on required changes
  • Program new reports for the Dashboard

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