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Posted Sep 30, 2021
Project ID: 2735116
40 hrs/week
6 months
Starts: Oct 18, 2021
Ends: Apr 17, 2022
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*Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA but with an external party”.


Projektname /project name

A: Remap ds


Projektbeschreibung /project description

This project is about designing and implementing a new application for the Adhesives business, based on SAP BTP and integrated with SAP ERP and DMS.

Target is to build a regulatory management system as end-to-end solution:

  • processing of requests coming from customers regarding chemical or quality compliance of our products
  • Reaching out to suppliers for their SDS and other certificates, process their input in our P03 EH&S system
  • The replacement of several dozens of Lotus Notes databases
  • the writing of Henkel standard documents: versioning, commenting, approving, releasing, reviewing


There are 6 subteams in the project with the following focus:

  • Process teams
    • Vendor & SIS team: Replacement of former SIS database by new Remap app (SIS database is hosting regulatory information received from raw material suppliers)
    • SHEQ team: Replacement of Henkel internal databases hosting info about specific customer requirements, quality procedures & audit workflows
    • Customer communication: Handling of customer requests for regulatory information
    • EH&S: Enhancing SAP EH&S system to enable faster processing of raw material changes and related impact on Henkel products
  • Technical teams
    • Data migration: Take over data from SIS and SHEQ databases into new tool
    • System Architecture: define future system architecture, required interfaces, etc.


However, the process design and data modelling has no relevance for the core products of Henkel. Consequently, we do not have our own employees with sufficient expertise in connection with the process design and data modelling and for this reason require external expertise. The contractor used by us has extensive experience with projects that require process design and data modelling skills in Signavio, therefore the contractor has a unique position and provides significantly different services than the internal staff.


Leistungsbeschreibung / task description

The external consultant needs to perform the following tasks independently:


  • Create process flows (preferred tool: Signavio) based on the input from the different aforementioned project subteams, checking for completeness and end-to-end consistency. Partly input is already available in other formats, partly consultant will have to conduct workshops with the respective teams (see above) to collect the input. The available information will be provided through MS Teams/MS Sharepoint (Storage) in advance and the contractor gets access to this storage. In addition, the 5 – 10 workshops will be conducted virtually and organized by the contractor. Therefore, all relevant contact information will be shared upfront.
  • Collect requirements (data fields, source system) related to following data objects exchanged between various systems: customers, vendors, materials, real substances, BOMs / formulations, document meta data. The contractor will check if data object definitions are aligned and consistent between process teams and the implementation team
  • Documentation of the process design and data modelling will be validated and approved by Henkel
  • Handover of the aforementioned process design and data modelling to the external developers to affiliate the future business processes are built in the new tool accordingly.


The services shall be provided within the framework of an agile development method. The concrete activities required in each case to implement the services commissioned shall be agreed iteratively between the parties within the framework of sprint meetings and implemented by the Contractor within the respective sprints following the sprint meetings. Prior to each sprint meeting, the contractor shall independently check, on the basis of its professional expertise, which individual services are reasonable and feasible within the scope of the assignment in the respective sprint. The sprints each have a duration of 2 weeks. 
After completion of a Sprint, the Parties shall conduct a "Sprint Review'' in which the Contractor reports on the feasibility and status of the services performed by it in the previous Sprint and makes a recommendation on how to proceed with regard to the services that proved to be unfeasible in the respective Sprint. All of the meetings and exchanges described above shall take place exclusively in the presence of a central contact person named by us, who shall coordinate the project on our internal side. The organisation and scheduling of the meetings described above in which the Contractor is involved shall be organised and carried out by the Contractor and coordinated with us. 


Timelines / timelines

The project is already running, first go live expected for the end of Q1 2022.


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