Consultant Digital & Web - Domino roadmap concept

Posted Oct 20, 2021
Project ID: 2735623
40 hrs/week
2 months
Starts: Oct 25, 2021
Ends: Dec 24, 2021
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*Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA but with an external party”.


project name: Domino Roadmap Concept 


project description

The service is requested as part of the initiative to develop a concept to reduce the footprint of Domino at Henkel and to define the future usage for remaining use cases.


Concretely, detailed task description without personal reference, which reveals the independency of the service provision

The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor:


  • Setup and configure based on best practices the iDNA Panagenda software in Henkel’s Domino/Notes landscape with roughly 3000 applications and 15k users.
  • Technical analysis of the Notes application landscape based on the data gathered by iDNA Panagenda (Software/tool):
    • Analyse the design complexity of applications
    • develop clusters of applications based on complexity and similarity
    • Identify remediation as well as migration potential of clusters in general and applications in specific
    • Analyse usage patterns of applications (# of users, frequency of usage)
  • Based on technical analysis, determine potential target platforms for application clusters with high migration potential
  • Based on technical analysis, define archiving strategies for rarely used applications as well as for migration candidates
  • Functional analysis of application clusters and definition of a requirement matrix for potential target platforms resp. solutions
  • Conduct virtual interviews with Henkel application owners to
    • Evaluate and further elaborate requirement matrix
    • identify use cases and data retention requirements
    • identify applications which are no longer required
    • identify building blocks and derive suitable target platforms
    • categorize and prioritize applications to be migrated, replaced or archived


The relevant contact information from application owners will be provided in advance by Henkel. The contractor organizes the interviews him/herself.

  • Create a concept and roadmap for the Notes application decommissioning


The performance of the contractor has the goal to bring in expertise from usual similar challenges when it comes to consolidate application landscape in general and Domino applications in specific. The goal is to develop a first version of a roadmap and strategy to reduce the Domino application footprint until 2023.


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