Consultant Digital & Web - Domino Application Migration and Management

Posted Dec 17, 2021
Project ID: 2736919
40 hrs/week
3 months
Starts: Jan 3, 2022
Ends: Apr 2, 2022
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*Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA but with an external party”.


Projektname / Project Name


HCL Domino - Application Migration


Projektbeschreibung / Project Description

The service is requested as part of the HCL Domino application maintenance within Henkel. Overall goal is to fade out HCL Domino within Henkel over the coming years. Currently about 1.700 Domino databases are operated at Henkel. Until fade-out is completed, application maintenance for major Domino databases is required as well as migrating those applications to another platform.


The service is completely transferred to the external contractor and can be done fully remotely. In addition, no internal Henkel employees work on these tasks because the necessary expertise is not existent. As part of the service, the project team is informed in advance which tasks can be postponed during the contractor's off-times like vacation.


Leistungsbeschreibung / Task Description

The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor:


  • Application Maintenance
    • Analyze and evaluate the existing Domino applications not covered by a global support contract with a strategic supplier - a comprehensive application catalogue is provided in advance;
    • Analyze applications to identify possible enhancements and to resolve identified issues
    • Independently contact third-party developers of specific applications for globally maintained databases to confirm enhancements and migrations of Domino applications;
  • Migration Management
    • Provide professional consulting for the project-related Henkel business units and Henkel dx in finding the best solution and platforms for migration candidates;
    • Independently create a project plan for the application migration to set up the fade out until 2025;
  • Project Execution
    • Facilitate the project execution for HCL Domino applications in scope;
    • Analyze applications to identify possible enhancements and develop proposal for implementation based on these results. Implement enhancements if proposal gets approved by stakeholders (Application Owners & Global Domino team)

The service of the contractor has the goal to manage the Lotus Notes application migration and to translate business requirements into actionable IT items.




Timelines are jointly defined during the project, keeping the overall goal of finishing fade out/footprint reduction until 2025 in mind.

  • Q1 2022: Data Analysis with iDNA (Domino) will be done to define further goals / milestones


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