Consultant Data Security (Senior)

Posted Jul 8, 2020
Project ID: 2594514
13 hrs/week
6 months
Starts: Jul 15, 2020
Ends: Jan 14, 2021
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Projektname / Project Name


Assessment and Development of Log Management


Projektbeschreibung / Project Description

The service is requested as part of the project above. The project has the purpose to:

  1. Asses the configuration and structure of our log management
  2. Provide recommendations for including new data sources into our log management
  3. Assess and implement further extensions of the log management to better leverage the available data
  4. Build a supporting infrastructure to operate and monitor the log management
  5. Migrate the legacy threat radar into the new log management


Leistungsbeschreibung / Task Description

The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor:


  • Assess the architecture of the existing log management environment according to best practices of the vendor;
  • Migration of the existing logs to the new log management solution;
  • Developing automation scripts (Ansible/Rundeck) for maintenance tasks such as upgrades or initialisation of new systems as well as monitoring systems for the log management infrastructure;
  • Provide professional consultation to the Henkel corporate teams in the area of log management.


The service of the contractor has the goal to facilitate a functional integration of new data into our log management, while maintaining a stable operation of the log management and enable further extensions of the log management.




The following timelines are to be adhered to by the contractor during the provision of the service:


Set up maintenance infrastructure for the log management (Ansible/Rundeck) & onboard log management hosts into monitoring until the end of December 2020.

50% onsite presence would be preferred

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