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Posted Mar 13, 2020
Project ID: 2562761
10 hrs/week
10 months
Starts: Mar 2, 2020
Ends: Jan 1, 2021
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Project description

a.      The Project FTG:New TaxWorkbook is replacing the current global used TaxWorkbook (TWB) Application for IAS12 Henkel Group-Reporting in FTG, which will no longer work in 2020 due to a lack in 64bit compatibility. The New TWB runs on a Web-Application technology provided by GAPTAQ. Furthermore, the new TWB will be adjusted to the look and feel and functionalities of the TWB currently in place.

b.      The Project New TaxWorkbook is replacing the current globally used TaxWorkbook Application in FTG, which will no longer work in 2020 due to a lack in 64bit compatibility of the used Excel for Web technology. The use of this application is highly critical as it is used for calculating tax expenses for Henkel Corporate Group for the quarterly and annual reporting.

Task description

Die Leistung umfasst folgende Tasks, welche durch den externen Contractor eigenständig umgesetzt werden:

· Authentication / Sign-in / Registration

Technical and professional consulting of the technical part of the access control concept

· Reports

Development of the reporting of the new TWB based on the data model

· User interface

Development of the user interfaces described in the process flow (according to Henkel

general process template)

· Unit testing

Definition of necessary test cases from a technical point of view

Execution of the test cases (unit testing)

Documentation of the results of the unit test

Identification and eliminating errors occurred during the unit test

Hand over the test cases to functional test (executed by the key user)

· Technical documentation

Professional consulting regarding technical documentation according to the Henkel Template

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