Posted Aug 21, 2020
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Starts: Aug 21, 2020
Ends: Dec 16, 2020
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*Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA but with an external party”.

Task/Project Description

Project name: Cloud IdP Migration Project

Description: Henkel builds a new central authentication platform for external facing, internal, cloud SaaS and PaaS applications. In scope are all external authentication (B2B) demands and appropriate lifecycle processes. The new platform is based on Azure AD B2B components. Some applications currently use XIM (Henkel Extranet Identity Management) for authentication and need to adopt to move towards AzureAD. XIM shall be shut down as part of this project latest until end of Q2’2021.

Task Description:

- Assess current application landscape of XIM (Henkel Extranet Identity Management) based on his experience with the application development and authentication technologies. The consultant is supposed to assess how applications interface with XIM and how they can get migrated to AzureAD. The consultant will get the respective information from the application experts to understand their interface and propose a migration path. We expect that the majority of applications have the same migration path, but the consultant might identify applications which require special treatment. These results are supposed to get documented and presented to Henkel and the respective application experts.

- Develop procedures, libraries and methodology for the applications experts to migrate the current Henkel applications to Azure AD based on the previous assessment phase. As part of this adaptation the application experts will assess the viability of the solution, so there is a sign off happening.

- Development of a new replacement interface to AzureAD and libraries for currently connected XIM applications.

- Migrate current application configuration from XIM to Azure AD.

- Consult application owners with their adaptation of this new interface. This consultation includes proper documentation and also workshops. Prepare documentation in a way application experts can sign off and incorporate thist interface documentation into their application documentation. Provide some general documentation and explanation of the interface both, as technical documentation with focus for developers to implement and as high-level architecture diagram as presentation with focus for application architects. This material will get signed off. Prepare to answer detailed inquiries by application experts during adaption in ad-hoc sessions.

- Analyze exiting interfaces, active processes the XIM Java application is still performing in and the general application landscape. Therefore, the consultant will get direct access to the environment and to its documentation and he will communicate with some current stakeholders/heavy users of the platform. Afterwards the consultant will investigate the 2 von 2 necessary steps to shut down XIM and remove its current interfaces. Therefore, he will create a list of steps that the application experts will sign off.

- Consult stakeholders (applications currently interfacing with XIM) of these interface during the shutdown procedure by making them aware of specific requirements in regards to the needed adjustment when XIM gets shut down.

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